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Welcome to Spectron Inc

Since 1988, Spectron, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying quality cones to the ICP-MS community worldwide. With extensive experience in ICP-MS and ICP-OES techniques, we bring a unique level of expertise to the manufacturing process.

Spectron manufactures sampler and skimmer cones for all the major brands of ICP mass spectrometers including Agilent, GBC, MicroMass/GV, Nu Instruments, PerkinElmer and Thermo Fisher. With the aid of authorized dealers, our products and services are available around the globe. In collaboration with companies like Environmental Express, ESI, Precision Glassblowing and VHG Labs, we can offer our customers the highest quality consumables and accessories available anywhere. Whether sample cones or accessories, Spectron stands behind all the products we sell and is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and support.

Latest News

7/1/2013 : New Lower Pricing for Pt cones Please download attached file for new lower platinum cones prices.  Call Spectron for password. Thank you - Spectron, Inc. 1.805.642.0400
6/1/2011 : $$ MONEY FOR NICKEL CONES $$ In a continuing effort to clean up "our" act Spectron is offering credit for Ni cones returned for recycling.  Though the credit is well above the actual value of the metal, it is our hope this will be sufficient incentive for everyone to clean out their drawers full of old cones. Each Ni sample cone will return $20, Each Ni skimmer cone will return $10. For additional information please contact us at: +1805-642-0400
5/29/2009 : CONE CLEANING GUIDE All sample and skimmer cones, regardless of ICP-MS manufacturer or design serve the same function.  They are the differential apertures separating the sample, at atmosphere from the mass filter and detector(s), at high vacuum.  Though the fundamental dimensions are all essentially the same (sample cone with shallow angle, skimmer cone with acute angle), each manufacturer has designed the cone’s critical dimensions to their own unique specifications (orifice diameter, hole depth, material composition, etc.).  The actual cone design may vary significantly from one instrument manufacturer to another.  The analytical zone, the area most in need of maintenance displays the most significant differences.  These differences, together with sample type (ground water, soil digests, sea water, etc) contribute to the rate at which oxides and salts accumulate in and around the cone orifice.  They also affect the rate of cone degradation and influence the cleaning methodology. For a detailed guide to cleaning your cones please see attached document.
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